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CWSA competitive season 2023 has started!

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Competitive WakeSurf Association sanctioned events are conducted all around the World. To find the upcoming competition available next to you, visit CWSA site! Want to compete? It's easy!

  1. Select your level of proficiency (from Amateur to Pro depending on the amount and difficulty of tricks you are able to land consistently) and pay annual membership fee for the selected level of profeciency.

  2. Select the competition you would like to participate in and apply to compete.

  3. Arrive to the spot, where competition is held and enjoy your ride!

  4. Upon completion of the competition you will be awarded with rating points. 8 to 15 athletes with highest rating throughout the season will be invited to compete in the World Wakesurfing Championship.

In Europe, competitions are held in Italy, France, Switzerland and Cyprus. Don't miss your chance to boost up your rating and win the chance to compete with the best athletes in the world.

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