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Don't miss Cyprus Wakesurf Championship and Online Drop & 45 CWSA event!

Wakesurf competitive season is upon us and it's about time to plan competitions you would like to participate it! Registration is currently open for two Wakesurf World Series Event:

1. Online Drop & 45 event - this is an online-event, which allows every rider to record the video of himself/herself riding and submit it for judging in respective level of proficiency. Don't forget these essential rules of recording the video for the online event:

  • Video should be recorded horizontally, the rider and the wake need to be clearly visible;

  • Final video should contain the drop of the rope (it is called "Drop and 45" for a reason!) and the line/sequence of tricks performed within 45 seconds timeframe. 45 seconds are counted as of the point of time when first trick is performed;

  • Girls are required to cover ass cheeks while riding - no bikinis, only shorts!

  • Falls are not allowed - if the rider fails to land the trick, this automatically equals the end of the run;

  • The video should be submitted unedited - not editing/cuts are allowed;

Drop and 45 is an amazing format to kick-start competition season - it is a stress-free way to compete while enjoying your riding behind your home boat!

2. Cyprus Wakesurf Championship - this is an offline event run on May 26th - 28th in Limassol and one of the biggest wakesurf event held in Europe. Riders from all around Europe as well as Russia are registered to participate and showcase their level of riding - it is not only a unique chance to compete and get to know athletes from all around the World, but also opportunity to train with them! Don't miss your chance to register!

Interested in getting ready for the competition - visit Surf Amsterdam for training and tip from the competing athlete!

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